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Random Acts of Kindness Week (Feb.10-16)

Monday: Hygiene Hyjinks!

Come to school dressed as your favorite superhero and donate a hygiene product to our school’s Caring Fund.  You can bring NEW toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, etc.

Tuesday:  Get smart – Spruce Up the School!

Bring in your spare change and donations that we can use to buy plants and flowers to beautify our building this spring.  To celebrate the new incoming plant life and the CO2 that we get to release in the atmosphere – dress like a genius!

Wednesday:  Throw Kindness Like Confetti!

Dress as brightly as you can today and give compliments out like confetti! 

Thursday:  Squad Day!

Try to invite new people into your “squad”.  Sit with someone different or have a conversations with someone new.  Groups can dress up in different group costumes…Star Wars, Disney, etc, … the sky is the limit (as long as it is school appropriate, of course)!  ---OR, dress in your Royals gear, to be part of the best squad of all (The Twin Rivers Squad)!  Garb up your favorite blue and white attire.






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